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Leverage the TED platform to amplify student voice

TED Talk videos have been shown by teachers to spark curiosity in students' learning on a variety of topics - from science and technology to the humanities. TEDx Youth Events are also a platform for students to express new ideas they are passionate about. TED's education facet, TED-Ed, has online, interactive lessons. Also TED-Ed clubs engage students with content and explorations based on discovering passions and ideas worth spreading, culminating in original student TED talks. Utilizing the combination of facets can be a powerful strategy to activate and amplify your students' voices and ideas. This panel of TED-Ed Innovative Educators discusses how, and why it is important.

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Learning Objectives

  1. TED-Ed Innovative Educators will demonstrate how to utilize the TED-Ed platform to activate deeper student learning through engaging online lessons.
  2. TED-Ed Innovative Educators will share how TED-Ed Clubs and TEDx events have amplified student voice in their global communities.
  3. The panel will elaborate on the TED-Ed Innovative Educator program and its impact as a professional development community.



Lamar Schrader, Teacher, Lake Travis High School

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