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Mo’ Data Mo’ Problems: Bigger isn’t Always Better

Smart brands fuel marketing programs with data, so these days the largest corporations to the smallest start-ups have the “Big Data” buzzword on their minds. But what if they’re thinking about it wrong?
“Big Data” holds the elusive promise of a targeting and personalization goldmine. Yet that promise isn’t relevant to all. Not to mention Amazon and Tesco have a five-year head start on the rest of us. In reality, everyone isn’t an Amazon and most companies will get further going broad with their data before going big.
Don’t you really just want to find competitive insights you can act on? You don’t need brute force analysis of huge data-sources for that. Instead, look to smaller “broad data” packages.
Our panel brings together two large brands--Dell and United Airlines--both designing “Broad Data” systems, along with a Northwestern University research program Director. They’ll paint a realistic picture of “big data” and help you consider a data plan of attack that works for you.

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  1. How can I figure out what “Big Data” should be doing for me and my company in the first place? Should I start Broad before going Big?
  2. What are some tips and tools for getting up and running in Broad/Big Data analysis as effectively as possible?
  3. If I wanted to help companies like Dell or United Airlines work with Broad/Big Data, what could I offer that they can’t find now?
  4. How quickly will “Big Data” analysis change over the next five years?
  5. What will the application of Big Data make business look like in five years time?



Scot Wheeler, Marketing Science Sr. Director, Critical Mass

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