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Your Brain on Creativity

What is happening inside our craniums, amongst the cortex, hemispheres, neuroglia, and brainwaves when we feel on fire with creativity and when we don't? To find out, let’s embark upon a fantastic journey to learn in which circumstances and states the brain is most creative. At the end, we'll better understand the brain on creativity and discover unconventional methods to leverage its power for increased ideation, inspiration, innovation, and flow. Beware: the science of the creative brain challenges the standard norms around concentration, focus, productivity, and may change how you work.

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  1. Why is it so challenging to come up with creative ideas when we need them the most?
  2. Which is the ideal brainwave state in which to access creative ideas?
  3. What are some of the main inhibitors of creativity that we face working in the tech industry?
  4. What is the relationship with collaboration and playing games with creative inspiration?
  5. How can one foment an “aha” moment?



Denise Jacobs, Author + Speaker + Web Design Consultant + Creativity Evangelist, PapillonEffect Consulting

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