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Retaining Volunteer Talent in Your Community

Volunteers aren't employees, but they add enormous value to a nonprofit organisation: they are not a free resource, but are often treated like one. From co-ordination to reporting, volunteers can find themselves in limbo, which can be equally damaging to the organisation as to the individual. How can a professional online community management approach deliver long term sustainability? Volunteers value the social relationships and knowledge sharing that comes with their roles. Sustainable volunteering depends on building and developing collaborative relationships: good communication all round! Developing a community of volunteers builds trust, and nurtures personal and organisational goals.

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  1. People get involved in volunteering for many reasons, and their motives can change over time. How can you meet their needs and retain their skills?
  2. How do you measure the impact of volunteers? Developing clear community goals, and activity and behavioral targets, can deliver measurable ROI.
  3. People who get involved short-term can't always see the bigger picture. How do you keep individuals engaged & motivated to move towards greater goals?



Kate Baucherel, Founder, Galia Digital Ltd

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