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The Creative Class in High Tech

Careers in technology have evolved greatly in a short matter of time—what used to be an island of misfit toys has evolved into the hottest industry that inspires and shapes our culture. Everyone’s itching for a piece of the pie, eager to find their place in the industry. True, engineering degrees are in high demand, and computer science seems the hot ticket to tech careers. But for as much as the tech community relies on certain specialties, it also -- more than any other field-- welcomes, embraces and values diverse backgrounds, unconventional skills and individuality. A panel of valley elite with less-than-common backgrounds, including engineer and former ballerina Victoria Hoyle, Director of QA at Lytro, will discuss how unique interests, rich, varied experiences and independent identities are shaping the valley’s newest tech companies from the inside out, and how you too can take your strengths and unlikely path to a new career.

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  1. Why is the tech industry so accepting of unconventional career paths?
  2. What jobs in tech could be a fit for me?
  3. How can managers and executives create roles in their companies that appeal to the creative class?
  4. How have diverse experiences shaped the industry?
  5. What career advice can be given to those who feel they have skills in both the tech and creative worlds?



Kyla Keefe, Account Executive, The Outcast Agency

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