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Social Media is Broken, Community Can Help

The promise of social media hasn't been realized. It is no longer a place of deep engagement, it is optimized to share content – increasingly paid content. No longer can brands, big and small, use their social efforts to meaningfully connect + converse with their audience. Social media is increasingly social advertising and risks chasing away the very audience with whom you hope to connect.

What’s the alternative? Creating discrete communities where your community members can easily interact and you determine the rules of engagement. Communities are the natural extension of social media’s promise - connecting individuals, building new relationships and strengthening existing ones.


  1. What is the difference between social media and community, and why does it matter?
  2. How can you shift your engagement from light exchanges around content to deep exchanges which reflect your brand promise?
  3. What does successful online engagement look like and how to maintain it?



Shannon Abram, Dir of Mktg, The Community Roundtable

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