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Teachers Are The Center of Adaptive Classrooms

Currently, most adaptive content leaves teachers as passive observers at best, or completely bypasses the student-teacher relationship at worst. We need to develop new models for adaptivity that take advantage of both the teacher's ability to understand, motivate, and connect with students, along with the computer's ability to learn from data and offer hints and suggestions tailored to students' needs. Come join our panel of teachers, computer scientists and content developers to explore questions and discuss approaches that show the most promise for tech-enhanced instruction.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Machine learning is built to enhance, rather than replace the teacher-student relationship in adaptive learning classrooms.
  2. Personalized learning does not create more work for teachers when matched with machine learning and actionable data in real time based in research.
  3. We can now identify effective, ineffective and missing content authored by publishers, leading to better content for all students and teachers alike.



Alison Bower, Communications Mgr, Enlearn

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