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Cross-Platform Gaming Takes Back the Living Room

The fastest growing segment of gaming is mobile. Smartphone owners average 46 minutes/day playing games. But despite being able to take games on the go, the majority of hours consuming digital entertainment are still spent in the living room. With connected TVs, technologies like SmartGlass and the Wii U, new ways to play on tablets and smartphones and next-gen consoles on the way, is the living room about to become sexy again?
The next year will bring some radical new consumer experiences into the living room, so the challenge in gaming becomes a simple equation – how do we connect these devices to make experiences more compelling and truly inter-connected for players?
In this session, Kristian Segerstrale will share:
-How to meaningfully translate game experiences across platforms from TV to console to mobile
-How to make games discoverable in increasingly-crowded online environments
-The importance of connecting gamers to each other in the future of interactive entertainment


  1. With consumption still happening in the living room, how are games going to offer new, fresh experiences?
  2. We’ve started to see cross-platform games come to life. What can we expect in the future?
  3. How can new technologies like next-gen consoles, connected TVs, or new game networks help games rise above the noise and reach new consumers?
  4. How will consumer spending habits change and how can gaming companies continue to monetize the new cross-platform experiences?
  5. What are some current video games that are using this model?



Sandy Goldberg, Corp Comm manager, Electronic Arts

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