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Choosing a CMS for Your Non-Profit

If you've ever had to select a content management system for your non-profit's website, you know that the process is fraught with questions. A big player in your industry went with Drupal - does that make it right for you? (Maybe). You've heard great things about eZ Publish - is it worth the ramp-up cost? (Possibly). Should you write your own CMS in-house? (Almost definitely not). What about integration with external tools? Fundraising? AMS? Etc.?

Join us as we talk about these and other issues facing non-profit decision makers as they navigate the often-confusing world of CMS choices. This is a core conversation where you'll get a chance to ask questions, share insights, and even learn something. Led by 2 industry leaders from Beaconfire, a consulting firm that has implemented more than a dozen CMS solutions exclusively for non-profits, this conversation will leave you armed and ready the next time you face this decision...which may be sooner than you think.

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  1. What are the core criteria I need to consider when choosing a Content Management System for my non-profit organization, and which criteria are unique to non-profits?
  2. What are some of the big players in the CMS space and what differentiates them from each other? What are the pros & cons of open-source vs. closed-source products?
  3. How can I protect myself when my vendor or chosen product disappears from the marketplace?
  4. Should I go with an outside agency, a contractor, or hire up in-house? When looking at outside agencies, what's more important - a good partner or a good product?
  5. What kind of timeframe should I expect for a CMS selection process, and what are the steps involved? Can I rush it?



Jordan Hirsch, Senior Technical Lead, Beaconfire

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