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Jailbreak Users with New Social Experiences

Users are growing tired of bolt-on social media tactics plaguing the world of social marketing. It’s time to go beyond the “social media body count” and unlock a more disruptive approach – one that taps into the mind and heart of the user and engages them on a personal level to create a social experience design. The key to translating “likes” and followers into an experience that’s truly social lies in how we think about social media tools versus what social media tools can actually do. Join’s Sr. Director of UX Design, Strategy and Execution, Matt Binkowski, as he discusses how experience designers can rethink social media to jailbreak users out of the social media cell they’re trapped in today.


  1. What’s the difference between social media interactions and social experiences?
  2. What additional insights can be gleaned from user’s existing likes and interests to help develop more robust social media designs?
  3. How can you determine if you’re social media goals are in line with that of your users?
  4. Will users really be more likely to engage in social experiences?
  5. What are some examples of successful social experiences from national brands?



Suraya Akbarzad, Senior PR Manager,

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