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Seeing Change: Non Profit Results That Aren’t BS

What happens to your $10 or $100 charitable donations? As you read this, your nonprofit’s program officer is writing you a 60-page report full of numbers that you will never read. It’s a document for nonprofits to justify the use of funds and basically cover their A$$. Ned Breslin, CEO of Water For People, proposes to re-imagine reporting through a revolutionary technology platform that will dramatically shift conventional reporting. We’re at a critical tipping point for reporting that is creative, engaging, and thought-provoking. Visual reporting has the potential to fundamentally reshape transparency debates by focusing not just on investments made but on real impact over time. It can allow donors to see impact and help nonprofits to refine programs. Nonprofit reporting no longer needs to be a stack of boring paperwork. Join Ned and The Chronicle of Philanthropy reporter, Caroline Preston, as they cut through the BS and explore the future of interactive nonprofit reporting.

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  1. Why are outcomes more important than outputs in international nonprofit work?
  2. How are nonprofits improving programming based on more visual illustrations of their work?
  3. What should donors look for when trying to determine a nonprofit’s impact?
  4. How will visualized reporting change philanthropy?
  5. How can nonprofits transform donors to look at the long-term solutions versus the short-term quick fixes?



Dan Klinglesmith, Director of Marketing and Communications, Water For People

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