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Turning PhD Concepts into Cocktail Conversations

You’ve created a disruptive new technology that’s going to revolutionize an industry – at least until you can figure out how to explain it to someone. Kira Wampler, VP of Marketing for Lytro, will discuss how to craft a compelling story about your product or technology and how to educate the average consumer about your breakthrough technology, and turn PhD concepts into cocktail conversations.

Kira will explain how to educate your potential market by revealing that the current mindset is stagnant and how the solution lies – of course – in your stellar new technology. She’ll walk through the stages of announcing a new product, and how to educate and excite a market on your product’s benefits – without getting too wrapped up in the details that fly over consumers’ heads. She’ll also discuss some of the grassroots and social media efforts that can bring your product closer to your ideal target, taking away the inaccessibility from the product.


  1. How do I explain my new product or technology in a way that my potential customers understand?
  2. How do I announce product launches and updates that frame the technology as a benefit to the consumer?
  3. What are some of the tactics that bring my product or technology to life?
  4. How can I get customers and investors to grasp the power of disruptive technology?
  5. How do I go about understanding the right combination of marketing, PR, grassroots tactics, and social media needed for my product to tell its story?



Eva Grzesik, Account Executive, The OutCast Agency

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