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Less is More: Why 5 Comments Beat 5,000 Likes

Social is not about eyeballs. Or shouting at the crowd. Or increasing followers and fans. The real currency of social is conversation, storytelling and 1-to-1 style engagement. Brands and causes alike are beginning to realize that casual social actions (share this, like that) are falsely comforting metrics of success. Your most avid supporters WANT to tell your story. It’s your job to equip them and let them.
Context is the answer. Data is the key. Change how every single person in your life advocates for you.

Bring stories. Bring opinions. We’re going to go hard.

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  1. What are the real success metrics of social media?
  2. Why is focusing on influencers not a long term solution?
  3. What kinds of data can I use to better engage my supporters?
  4. Why is "funnel" thinking not only wrong but dangerous in social channels?
  5. Why are you your own worst enemy?



Ron J Williams, CEO, Knodes

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