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The Customer Is (Mostly) Never Wrong

It’s an accepted Silicon Valley mantra that you don't ask customers for what they want – Henry Ford said people would have asked for a faster buggy whip, not a car. But at the same time, inspiration and innovation comes from observing people and their everyday lives, the good, the bad and the ugly. Chris Macomber, Lytro’s Director of Product, discusses the various ways to learn from customers and prospects, and how to turn those insights into a compelling product experience.


  1. When building a product how important is it to listen to your target customer?
  2. Is there a correlation between beta programs and the success of a product?
  3. Do consumers really know what they want?
  4. Are consumers likely to purchase a product they have already had time to try out?
  5. How can you evolve your product after it is out in the market if you get customer feedback?



Sheeva Zarechian, AMS, Lytro

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