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Culture is King: An Integrated Life Approach

Survey after survey shows that strong organizational culture and philanthropic focus hold an increasing amount of weight for prospective employees when choosing a job. Yet, too often, employees are asked to check the other important aspects of their lives at the door when they come to work each day. Business leaders who instead work to promote an integrated life philosophy -- creating an environment where employees can fuse their work, family, personal and community lives -- will end up with a more well-rounded, successful, and happy team. This session will cover how to effectively implement this approach within your business in order to create a culture of giving that benefits your business, your employees, and most importantly -- the community.


  1. Why should business leaders care about this?
  2. How can businesses implement an integrated life philosophy?
  3. How do businesses benefit from employees who lead a more integrated life?
  4. How can businesses use this approach to create a culture of giving?
  5. How can businesses maximize their community impact by implementing this approach?



Connelly Breeland, Cause Marketing Strategist,

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