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Exploring the Advanced Nuclear Ecosystem

With an estimated 1.3 billion dollars in investment, the advanced nuclear sector is rapidly scaling up. In recent years there has been a swell of new companies developing modular and advanced reactor technologies that resolve many of the longstanding challenges with traditional nuclear energy. New technologies are much smaller, bringing down costs and build times, while others run on spent nuclear fuel, helping to reduce waste issues from existing reactors. Learn from these experts in academia, government and industry how the nuclear energy ecosystem is emerging.

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  1. Explore the evolving cultural narratives around climate change and the need for rapid deep decarbonization.
  2. Acknowledge the difficult history of nuclear weapons and accidents as legitimate and important concerns.
  3. Introduce the concept of advanced nuclear technologies and outline key differences from conventional reactors.
  4. Share key perspectives innovators, investors, policy makers and communicators about the state of this fascinating emergent industry.



Suzanne Baker, Communications Advisor, Third Way

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