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Indy Gaming: Why Publishers Must Evolve or Die

The video game business is currently undergoing an upheaval similar to the one that shook the movie business in the 1970s. Enabled by new technologies and new platforms, independently produced and distributed games are no longer just a sideshow to the main attraction coming from the incumbent console publishers; rather, these indy games are competing directly and successfully with mainstream games for audience and dollars, and they are putting tremendous pressure on the incumbent publishers to evolve or die. This session will examine the rise of the new independent game paradigm and focus on the central problem facing the business: what is the nature of publishing in a highly-distributed, low-friction online gaming world?

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  1. How do the new realities of online distribution and virtual goods sales effect the way games are designed and marketed?
  2. What is the nature of publishing in this environment? What does a next-generation publisher do to deserve a piece of the pie?
  3. How are new technologies like cloud-based gaming and new direct-to-consumer consoles like Ouya changing the game for incumbents?
  4. Is free-to-play a marketing strategy or a business model?
  5. Is free-to-play a marketing strategy or a business model?



Sheree Polonsky, Senior Account Executive, The Hatch Agency

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