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Voice Lessons

Python and JavaScript are not the only kinds of language startups should be thinking about. Developing a strong voice can be just as important as building a quality product when it comes to getting and keeping users, earning trust, and navigating public-facing setbacks. The speakers will discuss how their companies have used voice to build their brands, extend their reach, and tell stories that have captured the attention of consumers beyond the tech community.

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  1. How has Twitter used voice and storytelling to increase its reach?
  2. How does a platform like Eventbrite inject the right amount of voice into a product where content is user-generated?
  3. How can voice help in problem-solving?
  4. How can people who have no background in marketing and communications begin to develop a company voice?
  5. Where does a company voice manifest?



Vanessa Schneider, Sr PR Manager, Eventbrite

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