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Giving Your Product a Passport

You’re the golden child here at home with a solid foundation and growing fan base, but now you’re starting to get interest from international locales. How do you get ready to take your company to a new audience? How do you evolve for an international crowd without losing the core of your company’s identity? Lytro Senior Product Marketing Manager Kristen Berman will discuss how to grow and prime your company for international growth, successfully conquer localization and identify key markets to ensure you stand apart in a new market.


  1. What is the strategy for choosing which countries to expand to first?
  2. In which countries is it easiest to find distributors?
  3. Should I seek distributor partnerships or sell via a 3rd party e-commerce site?
  4. How do your sales and marketing goals change or evolve country to country?
  5. What cultural differences impact dealings in different countries? How is working in the EU different than Asia, and so on?



Erin First, Senior Account Executive, The OutCast Agency

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