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TV’s Are the New Storefront Window

Studies revealed 86 percent of people tune into their favorite shows with a “second screen,” browsing content on their smartphones/tablets while watching TV. In addition, the majority are browsing content on their tablets directly related to what they are watching (Razorfish and Yahoo! Mobile). There’s a prime opportunity for retailers and advertisers to connect with consumers on their TVs and mobile devices like never before. But what’s the best way to do it?

Executives from eBay and PayPal will join network partners like Comcast and Tivo to discuss this new commerce revolution. We will share how TVs are the new storefront windows – able to offer tailor-made shopping experiences for consumers right from the comfort of their own couches, and right on the screens they know and love.

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  1. How have mobile devices driven a new form of commerce through television?
  2. Just how big is the couch commerce opportunity and why should retailers and advertisers care now?
  3. With TVs and mobile devices packing in more technologies than ever before, how can retailers and advertisers best use these technologies to engage consumers while keeping the experience fun, relevant and easy?
  4. How can retailers and advertisers break through the clutter on the two screens to connect with their consumers?
  5. Based on the panelists’ experiences with the second-screen phenomenon, what’s working and what’s not?



Karen Germ, Account Executive, Edelman

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