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The Reactor Pattern and Doing Amazing Marketing

The future of software is the cloud: on-demand, scalable and robust services. Technologies like Node.js have made it easy for developers to create massively scalable, real-time applications with relatively modest resources. What can marketers learn from this? Quite a lot, it turns out. Node.js is modeled after something programmers call the Reactor Pattern which can be summed-up as: serve every request and serve it quickly. This is achieved not by being able to do more things at once (more multi-tasking) but instead by not allowing your process to get blocked unnecessarily (better scheduling). Many of the concepts behind doing more with less are directly applicable to marketers who are contending with limited resources, a shifting environment and constantly rising expectations from customers.

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Questions Answered

  1. How can I scale my company's marketing with limited resources?
  2. How can my team handle unpredictable workloads without dropping the ball?
  3. What are some best practices for coordinating distributed marketing activities?
  4. What kind of tools can I use to scale my team's impact?
  5. How can my team better react to changes in the marketplace?



Carter Rabasa Twilio

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