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Your Resume is a Movie, Not a Billboard

In this lively and humorous interactive session, hear from two career building experts who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. If you’re ready to make the jump to the next rung of the corporate ladder, toss the dry leadership training manual and score a few laughs while learning how to leverage online tools like Twitter, SEO, and blogging for your career. Hear why blogging is about business, not breakfast – unless you just caught the early bird special at Denny’s with Warren Buffet. Discover how to avoid being “that guy/girl” on LinkedIn and other social media outlets. And, find out how to create killer content in less time than it takes to watch a Major League shut-out.

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  1. How can you create an infographic in just a few hours?
  2. How do I select a topic for my blog?
  3. What is Klout, and can a high score help land me a job?
  4. What’s the best/easiest way to clean up my online reputation?
  5. I’ve never spoken before, how do I get my first gig?



Garth Knutson, Management Supervisor, Wunderman

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