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Mobile Marketing – Death to the QR Code

Besides being an eye sore, QR codes do nothing to excite or inspire a consumer. Yet, this low hanging mobile marketing fruit has sadly become ubiquitous. Sure it's cheap and everyone's doing it, but there are so many other ways to reach the 92 percent of Americans who don't leave home without their mobile phones – why have their first mobile experience with your brand be their last? In this session,'s Director of Brand Marketing will share secrets to creating mobile experiences – on a budget – designed to entertain, inspire and satisfy people. No scanning required.


  1. Why does everyone think QR codes are the newest sexiest thing when in fact they are truly a legacy approach?
  2. If QR codes don’t work, then which mobile experience does?
  3. Where does the entertainment factor fit in?
  4. Do QR codes ever work?
  5. Where should my goals for the campaign and the approach align? And what campaigns have inspired consumers?



Brandy DuBreuil, Account Supervisor, Dotted Line Communications

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