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Pick an element, any element. Style it. No IDs. No classes. No jQuery necessary. We’ll learn all the new features of CSS3 selectors that enable you to select this DOM node, that DOM node, and even imaginary DOM nodes based on attributes, relation to other elements, location in the DOM, or just an element’s mere existence. The possibilities are endless, if you know how to use the tools in your tool box. Today’s tool is CSS3 selectors.

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  1. What are the new CSS Selectors
  2. How can you target any element without classes or IDs
  3. What is the browser support for the various CSS Selectors
  4. How to capture any DOM node with JavaScript without using jQuery or touching your markup.
  5. What is the performance implications of CSS Selectors



Estelle Weyl, Sr. UI Engineer, Standardista

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