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Nature As A Mentor

Biomimicry is the science of looking directly to nature’s models and general “know-how” and then emulating or drawing inspiration from it in order to solve human problems. Here are just a few examples:
1.Cockroaches are serving as inspiration for prosthetic devices and robotics designs
2.Turbines, based on the humpback whale fins and flippers, are leading to a more efficient way to generate wind power
3. Energy-producing solar cells which mimic leaves are producing clean energy.
The basis of biomimicry's contemporary applicability is simple and profound: if a plant or animal had an effective solution, it survived and over time, became ever more adapted to its niche. There are many more examples of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs translating nature’s extraordinary efficiencies into industrial applications that are innovative and profitable. At its heart, though, Biomimicry is about advancing sustainable technology and reflects a force of change in the new global economy

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  1. Why is Nature the best source of answers to many of the technological, biological and design challenges that we face today?
  2. How are the principles of biomimicry reinvigorating many current business models and how does following nature's design mastery allow companies to reap profits?
  3. Why do designs based on nature tend to be dramatically more energy-efficient?
  4. How are large companies, small entrepreneurs, cities and governments currently taking steps to invest in biomimetic innovation?
  5. What are some of the challenges biomimetic inventors and entrepreneurs tend to face?



Melissa Danaczko, Editor, Random House

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