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Your TV Knows Who You've Slept With

Well, not yet. While digital personalization has touched most of the marketing mix, the TV spot has continued to hold strong. Interactivity has flirted with those :30s and :60s, but limitations in hardware and software on the part of manufacturers, broadcasters and (most importantly) cable providers have kept even the most adventurous spots “shrink-wrapped” and siloed interactive executions to a DirectTV submenu.
But what if you could sync your Facebook or G+ to your Comcast or Time Warner? What if your commercials could know your age, your location, you interests, your friends, your past purchases and more? What would those spots look like and how would they work? And most importantly, can templatized personalization successfully co-exist with the powerful emotion we’ve come to expect from our spots?
This session will explore these topics and more, sharing some of the most promising experiments that may lead to answers and the future of Interactive Marketing through your TV.

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  1. What does interactive TV look like today?
  2. What does interactive advertising look like inside today's television ecosystem?
  3. What's holding back TV advertising from being more innovative, personalized and interactive?
  4. As those barriers fall, what might mainstream TV Commercials and interactive marketing look like in a future era of personlization and interactivity?
  5. What does it mean for the people in the audience today?



Matt Walsh, EVP / Executive Experience Director, CP+B

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