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Fun and Games with CSS3

Chris Ruppel demonstrates some bleeding-edge creative concepts you can achieve using CSS3. Examples aren't as practical as they are inspiring, showing off the possibilities of CSS3 and touching on components like animation, media queries, masks, transforms, transitions, filters, shaders, and 3D.

The audience should walk away with excitement, new awareness, and the desire to implement some of this awesome eye candy in a practical manner.


  1. How can I push modern web browsers to their limits and create stunning visual art?
  2. Can CSS3 be used to create rich, interactive scenes that rival motion picture special effects?
  3. How do I start exploring 3D CSS?
  4. What are the latest CSS3 modules available?
  5. I think CSS boring, prove me wrong!



Chris Ruppel, Front-end developer, Four Kitchens

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