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Building an App on Speed: From 0 to 60 in 6 weeks

You have 6 weeks from when the light bulb goes off to when the app goes live. Six weeks to design it, develop it, test it and launch it – all the while keeping your existing business running. Skunkworks-type projects are nothing new, but in today's world, with the accessibility of remote resources and APIs, churning out a fully working product in a matter of weeks, while keeping your day job, is fully possible. Join a conversation with's CTO to learn how an internal challenge like this can pay huge dividends for your business in terms of lessons learned, recruiting, and a morale boost.


  1. How do I build an app on a limited budget?
  2. There just isn’t time to build this app – how do I make time?
  3. What if everyone on my team is already strapped and has no room to add on yet another project, let alone one with such a tight deadline?
  4. What’s the best way to know that my app will resonate well with consumers?
  5. Once my app is finished, how should I launch and market it?


  • Lisa Kavanaugh, Chief Product & Technology Officer ,


Denise Welch, Vice President, Dotted Line Communications

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