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WYSIWYS What You See is What You Spec'd

Responsive Design has been much vaunted as the way forward for web and mobile publishing design, flexible and affordable. Whilst a few major brands, Boston Globe, Grey Goose, Barak Obama have begun to explore the possibilities, best practices and platforms are still emerging. And with the touch screen experience and synced content across platform exciting consumers it is clear the web and mobile world need to become one and the same. Major issues still need to be addressed. With the goal being get the best user experience across all platforms, the panel will briefly explore the stand-out work so far, including The Times new (patent applied) mobile publishing platform and explore solutions to some of the key challenges, The end of a single design and how to develop systems and not pages, integrating responsive content with responsive advertising, navigation paradigms cross platform, content aware image sizing and why its important to, at first think small.

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  1. Equivilance: From smart phone to smart TV how should we responsively scale text and multimedia content to get the optimum user experience that is not just content aware but user proximity aware?
  2. Dead? See scrolls: With the advent of Windows 8, the shift in navigation in OSX, is it time the web scroll goes the same as its the ancient predecessor did with the invention of the book and we shift towards a scalable paginated horizontally navigated format?
  3. Shotgun Marriage: How can ad agencies work alongside content producers to develop seamlessly integrated and complementary responsive experience?
  4. Point and flick: With touch screen navigation requiring greater screen real-estate. How should we approach navigation so we combine the delight of the touch screen with the rich discoverability of the traditional web?
  5. Think small? No think time: Mobile First is the credo preached by responsive evangelists, but if you want to sync content cross platform how should we optimise for the platform is most used without sacrificing the experience on the others?



Alex Breuer, Digital Design Editor, The Times / News International

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