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Stem Cell Technology: Transforming Drug Discovery

The current model of drug discovery is broken. Billions of dollars are wasted and it takes far too long to bring a drug to market. Research and development is dependent on the wrong type of models. We need a new way to discover drugs, and patients suffering from disease need new therapies.

Stem cells promise to revolutionize the process of drug development and cell therapies. Stem cells can morph into any of our body’s cell types, providing a living window into disease. We can create all the diseased tissues in the body. Researchers can directly test, screen, and de-risk drugs on diseased cells.

This session will look at this revolutionary new approach to disease research.


  1. What are stem cells, and why do they matter?
  2. How do we create stem cells?
  3. How can stem cells allow us to model a “disease in a dish”?
  4. How do we currently develop drugs and treatments?
  5. How can we harness stem cell research to find cures to disease?



David McKeon, Chief of Staff, The New York Stem Cell Foundation

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