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Making It Rain In Non-Techy Markets

Forget the enterprise vs. consumer debate: The not-so-tech-savvy markets are the biggest opportunities in tech.

Consider dotloop, a company on a mission to eliminate paperwork in real estate, an industry with a median agent age of 57. Or ServiceMax, a company that’s built on and brings technology and iPads to technicians who drive around in white vans, fixing everything from plumbing to multi-million dollar medical device equipment. Or Tibbr, a social collaboration platform that’s wildly popular in, among other places, Australia, where less than 50 percent of the population uses Facebook (amazingly).

These companies, led by some of the most seasoned, pedigreed people in the technology industry, have found a niche by bringing much-needed technology to industries that have gone without for too long. In this session, learn how to see beyond the SoLoMo hype to opportunities beyond the tech bubble.

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  1. Why are the not-so-tech-savvy markets the biggest opportunities in tech?
  2. What are the secrets to success in these untapped markets?
  3. How can you get non-techies to go digital?
  4. How can you convince people to work for a company in a non-techy/non-sexy/non-SoLoMo space?
  5. Where should entrepreneurs look next?



Alexandra Dallago, PR , LaunchSquad PR

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