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Taking Social Games from Pink to Blue

Approximately 55% of women are playing social games online, but what about the men? The social games genre has typically been geared towards the female player, but the new era of social games is expanding from pink games to also include blue games. This session will feature social game makers from Zynga, Kixeye, EA and Ubisoft discussing what it takes to make a social game that is appealing for the traditionally core male console player.

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  1. What are the challenges developing a social game for a male audience?
  2. What kinds of genres/styles tend to perform the best for male social game players?
  3. Are there marketing challenges for promoting a social game targeted towards a male consumer?
  4. How do males differ from females in terms of monetization in games?
  5. What kinds of console-style games perform well in social games?



Nina Wright, Events Manager, Zynga

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