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Facing the Irony of More Friends and Less Time

As we’re in touch with more people, the meaning of those connections is often diluted. This panel addresses how we can leverage and embrace new technologies to maintain strong personal connections with our ever-growing web of connections. We will explore the irony where we are in touch with more people than ever before but in a diluted manor and how our form of communication impacts these relationships.

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  1. Electronic communication is far from novel, we no longer have the same excitement of AOL's first buzzing modem, an inbox full of email is overwhelming and birthday wall posts are expected. How can we can continue to push the envelope with fun and savvy ways to interact?
  2. Who is it that we are interacting with in a digital format and why? Is it really possible to continue to have an engaging friendship with your classmate from 3rd grade as well as an adulthood friend? How do we interact with these different individuals and how can we make the interactions more meaningful?
  3. How do you segment different forms of communication? When do you "like" something? What do you choose to share on your wall? What pictures do you keep on Instagram only? What qualifies for a tweet vs. a status update? A text versus a post, or an email?
  4. What is the ascribed value of different social media outlets considered above? Is it more thoughtful to send a birthday text rather than a wall post? As we look to remain in touch to those around us, is one method more reflective of a stronger connection than another?
  5. Is less really more? There is a trend where websites/apps are limiting the number of people you can have within your network. What does this say about our intentions to remain close and how does the number of people in a network impact its value?



Sara Rodell, Founder and President, Next One's On Me

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