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Work Sucks, But Your RFP Doesn't Have To

Imagine you want to buy a car. A good car that will be fast, reliable and will last a while. So you ask several car shops to send you a 20 page document describing the car and its many benefits, then you base your car purchase on the best written document. That's what an RFP is. It's like shopping for a car without test driving. Why would you want to commit to a nice set of wheels before taking it out for a spin?

Using RFPs to select vendors makes as much sense as shopping for a car blindfolded. If you're looking for creative solutions, why use a process that removes creativity? Proposals only tell you how good a vendor is at writing proposals. The No RFPs movement, started on the heels of SXSW 2012, is continuing to catch on. Our industry needs a breath of fresh air, a new solution.

Join us as we continue to develop an approach that is more human and approachable, a process that treats developers and designers like creative professionals, but still meets client requirements.

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  1. Vendors: Are RFPs good for my business and how can I tell?
  2. Vendors: What alternatives do I have when responding to an RFP?
  3. Clients: What are the advantages of establishing a vendor relationship outside an RFP?
  4. Clients: How do I navigate and eliminate internal roadblocks to engage vendors outside a formal RFP?
  5. Clients: What resources or information do I need to start an evaluation process outside of an RFP?



Todd Nienkerk, Partner, Co-Founder, and Digital Strategist, Four Kitchens

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