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NEXT House: Makers, the IoT & Where You'll Live

What will your #NEXTHouse look like? Tectonic shifts are reinventing the way we buy, design, build and live in our homes.

The Internet of Things, the maker movement, the sharing economy and waves of demographic change are colliding with home building. This core industry (which historically had a slow clockspeed) is being digitally transformed.

Four housing and technology experts will chart a course to your next home: the COO of one of America's largest home builders; the Design Director for GE Appliances; a founder of New Home Technologies; and an automotive and software engineer turned CEO, who built the leading new home website and an array of disruptive digital technologies.

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  1. What will the home of the future look like?
  2. What change agents and forces of disruption are already at work to shape your #NEXTHouse?
  3. How will demographic change, the Internet of Things, the maker movement, and the sharing economy combine to shape homes built in the future?



Jay McKenzie, Dir of Content & Social Media, Builder Homesite Inc

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