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Grassroots Marketing: Local, Organic and Fresh

The local movement isn't just about food. Local marketing can connect with people on a personal and visceral level, which is why it can be so powerful, when done right. But as a national brand or service looking to connect with consumers on a local level, authenticity, empathy and transparency are keys to survival. National brands can earn the respect of local consumers, not only starting real conversations – but finishing them. And it’s possible to do it in a way that builds trust over time. Learn how to infiltrate local markets in a way that will give your brand regional staying power.


  1. Can a national brand really earn the respect of a local market where consumers are so in tune with its small, local businesses?
  2. How do you really get a full grasp of what the local consumer wants?
  3. Is there a genuine way to build trust with your target consumer?
  4. What are the best local market research tactics and strategies to REALLY understand what matters to consumers?
  5. How do you infiltrate a local market with the power of conversation with your customers?



Jen Conway, Account Supervisor, Dotted Line Communications

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