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Heart of Code: Developer Program Best Practices

What makes a successful hack-a-thon? Is it caliber of participants, support to put projects into production, an unlimited supply of Mountain Dew Code Red? What about a successful developer center? Do you want real-time support, a vibrant forum, tutorials?

This panel will bring together three developer program managers from AT&T, Sphero and the Bluetooth SIG. The purpose: an interactive discussion with audience members on what tools, resources and incentives are needed and wanted for a successful developer program. This panel is for you if you have a heart of code.


  1. What are the best practices for hackathons and developer programs? This question will be approached from two points-of-view - what the panelists think and what the audience thinks.
  2. What are the essential tools, resources and support needed to build a successful online developer portal?
  3. Given the limited time and fast-pace of a hackathon, what are the most important resources needed to host a successful event?
  4. What are the best, most effective incentives for drawing high caliber developers to your program/hackathon? We have our ideas, but we want to hear from you as well.
  5. Pretend we are Jerry Maguire. Help me, help you.


  • Ross Ingram, Developer Community Manager, Orbotix
  • Muhammad Ulislam , Marketing Manager, Developer Channel , Bluetooth SIG
  • Alex Donn, Senior Marketing Manager at AT&T Mobility, AT&T Mobility


Helen Rodriguez, Account Manager, Bluetooth SIG

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