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21st Century Mad Men: Big Data for Big Agencies

Big Data is changing the game for companies of all shapes and sizes, including agencies looking to take their social media technologies and customer insight practices to the next level. But, managing the massive velocity, volume, and variety of social media and other data sets at scale can be a huge challenge. Learn how digital, advertising, and PR agencies can adopt Big Data technologies to expand and evolve their product offerings in our ever increasingly connected world.


  1. How can agencies leverage big data to increase their proprietary product offerings?
  2. What's the difference between Big Data and the data agencies currently analyze?
  3. How can an agency implement a Big Data platform and use it to the benefit of all their customers?
  4. How are other global agencies leveraging big data?
  5. How can ClickStream Data, Customer Lifecycle and Demographic Data, Social Media Data, Email Data, and other data sources combine to increase bottom line revenue?



Amanda McGuckin-Hager, Director of Marketing, Infochimps

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