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IMPOSTER! Startup Founder or Intrapreneur?

I started working with a small team on a product in Dec. 2014 . We did customer discovery, idea validation and prototyping. We identified a business model, and we Made a Thing.

But I don't consider myself a startup founder, for one reason. I took home a steady salary (with 401(k) match) the whole time.

Intrapreneurs launch businesses from within the shelter of a parent, and as such may not feel they belong to the tribe of startup founders, they're not 'true entrepreneurs'.

This presentation will cover the murky areas of networking, self- and product-promotion to help fledgling intrapreneurs balance what's best for themselves, their projects and the corporate hand that feeds them.


  1. How important is the "founder" title and how strongly should an intrapreneur push for that recognition from the parent company?
  2. How important is disclosure of a parent company when looking to the startup community for support and resources?
  3. Do you have to consider intellectual property and ownership rights before you get started on your venture?



Andrea Hill, Prod Strategist, ReadyTalk

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