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What is a makerspace and do I need one?

Have you heard the term MakerSpace and wondered what it meant? How do I develop a MakerSpace in my classroom, library, and school? What do I put in a MakerSpace? How does a MakerSpace support learning? How much does it cost to develop a MakerSpace? Spend a few hours and you will learn how a MakerSpace can engage your students for the “best day of school ever”! We will discuss: ➢ Supplies needed ➢ Types of MakerSpaces ➢ Space requirements ➢ Educational purposes of a MakerSpace ➢ How get materials for your MakerSpace for free ➢ Where can I get “stuff” for my MakerSpace You will spend time as a student in this class prototyping in our MakerSpace. Bring your open mind and creativity.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn how to integrate literacy learning into the Makerspace environment through an experiential, hands - on activity.
  2. Participants will understand different types of learning that can occur in a Makerspace.
  3. Participants will be able to create a plan for how to develop a makerspace.



Marci Milius, Learning Environment Designer, Douglas County School District

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