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Hack Your Classroom: Build a Culture of Hackers

Come and explore how Manteca USD (23K students, 30 schools, 1200 teachers, 1:1 Windows 8.1 district) is promoting a maker/hacker culture. This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to the pedagogy, tools and resources that support teachers successfully engaging students K-8 in hacking, making and coding activities. Come learn how we are using a cloud-based management system to manage and engage students, and try your hand at simple robotics, circuits/circuit boards, and other making/coding activities.

Learning Objectives

  1. Take away a basic understanding of the maker/coder/hacker culture and why it is important to engage students in collaborative, problem based learning.
  2. Leave with a basic understanding of the current tools and resources available to engage students in simple coding activities.
  3. Leave with a basic understanding of how to engage students with modern tool and resources for robotics and simple circuit boards.



Kristen Messer, Teacher, Manteca Unified School District

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