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Filmmaking as User Experience Design

The role of the filmmaker has, historically, focused on precision: crafting and controlling the viewer's experience down to the frame. And for good reason — one of the prime pleasures of cinema is surrendering to the vision of the filmmaker.

In contrast, the role of the user experience designer in interactive media — websites, games, apps, etc. — is to facilitate experiences rather than solely dictate them, creating flexible frameworks which allow different people to have a range of experiences in different contexts.

This talk investigates what filmmakers can learn from the craft of user experience design in order to expand the creative potential of their filmmaking, make creative uses of new technologies in cinematic storytelling, and reach audiences in new ways.

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  1. How can multiple experiences on different screens work together to support a holistic creative vision?
  2. How can design for interactivity evolve the process of creating traditional, linear, self-contained, filmic storytelling?
  3. What technologies should the filmmaker consider in designing interactive experiences?
  4. How can user-generated content be used in interactive storytelling?
  5. How does the process for user experience design differ from the filmmaking process?



Jason Brush, EVP Creative, Possible Worldwide

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