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UX is Killing Your Brand

During an analysis of 200 user experience job descriptions, I found among the top five descriptive terms BEST PRACTICE, USABILITY, and PATTERN. While these are important and useful as tools, when applied too heavily to brands, these concepts lead to generic work They foster ideas and interfaces that apply to an industry, but often they're devoid of the personality the particular company intends to convey.

This talk will highlight how the methodology of user experience design ignores or sidelines the importance of brand in its work and show how that leads to undermining brand value. It will then show a simple way to fold brand consideration in to enhance the user experience and interface. This will let us shift from talking about just “what’s right for the user” to “what’s right for the user of this brand?”

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  1. How does user experience commonly undermine or ignore the brands it services?
  2. What does a user experience practitioner (or those who employ them) need to do to make them more brand-aware?
  3. What is the role of brand personality in interaction and experience design?
  4. What role can user experience play in enhancing the feel and value of a company's brand?
  5. How does a designer determine what's right for a user of a brand?



Alexander Weishaupl, Director, User Experience, Razorfish

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