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How to Make the Internet Care

Should the news be more like "The Newsroom?" Join this CNN-led discussion on the intersection of news and advocacy. We'll look at ways both news orgs and non-profits are working to engage their digital audiences with smack-you-in-the-face stories, powerful Web design and new takes on user participation. The goal? Slowing the constant-scan of Internet users and helping them find, engage with and participate in stories that really matter. This panel includes experts from CNN,, The Enough Project and the Tampa Bay Times, who have used crowdsourcing to combat genocide, fight modern slavery -- and make people care about 150-year-old Thoreau essays. We'll look at what works and what doesn't, and will offer tips on creating and spreading stories that are so interesting that Internet users have to respond.

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  1. What types of stories are most likely to engage digital audiences and to get them to respond to news and engage in collective storytelling? Are any topics too heavy or dull to work?
  2. What are the best ways to prod audiences to interact with a topic? Asking for video responses? Comments? Petitions? Donations?
  3. What are the most innovative examples of digital campaigns or news stories that were able to engage readers to the point that they would participate? What do they have in common? What more should be happening?
  4. When does a project cease to be news and become activism? Is it ever OK for news organizations to cross that line? If so, when and how?
  5. What makes a person want to participate in or react to a news story? How can groups play into these desires -- to be heard, to be helpful, to have fun -- in an attempt to come up with interesting, crowdsourced projects?



John Sutter, writer/producer, CNN

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