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Enhancing the Driving Experience

In-vehicle automotive technology has become one of the most dynamic areas in consumer electronics, from in-dash apps for Google Local Search to smartphone apps that let you control the car and voice-command in-car dashboards. Indeed, the connected car movement is set for explosive growth. In order to streamline the technology enhancement required, new ground is being broken by the brightest minds in the tech, together with major manufacturers like Ford and BMW. Tech specialists are contributing to car interfaces, emphasizing a personalized connected experience. Leading tech (TuneIn, Pioneer) and automotive experts (GM, Ford, BMW) will discuss:
• The impact a single interface audio portal will have on.
• How to iron out the design and development kinks as tech, auto and after-market providers learn to work together, and who will give up control to build the dashboard of the future
• How to bring in elements of what drivers want and need into in-dash interfaces


  1. What does the dashboard of the future look like and why?
  2. What impact will a single interface audio portal potentially have on automakers, after-market companies and audio technologies alike and who’s leading the charge to build the single interface?
  3. Who, if anyone, will give up control to make the dashboard of the future a reality?
  4. How do all parties involved bring in elements of what drivers really want and need into the design of in-dash technologies and UI?
  5. How does the global nature of audio impact how automakers design their audio interfaces?



Sarah Hahn, Assistant Account Executive, Allison+Partners

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