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Open Hardware Development

Local Motors has pioneered how to achieve crowd-powered design and development of complex cyber-mechanical devices. In short, we have crowd-sourced the first production cars in the world. Further, we have pioneered new ways to bring these products to market by including customers in the production itself in a fresh type of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mixed with the Toyota Production System. This type of hardware innovation and production is the beginning of the 3rd Industrial Revolution.
In this session, together with heavy audience engagement, we will answer the following questions:

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  1. How to lead and engage a community in radical open hardware development?
  2. When and in what industry is co-creation the right business model to employ?
  3. How does someone build a community when he has none to begin with?
  4. What does micro-factory production cost and how is it arranged?
  5. How can crowd-funding and e-commerce play into the world of open hardware development?



Jenna Burns, Executive Assistant to John B. Rogers, Jr. and Sales Support, Local Motors

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