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Backyard to Brand: Maker Culture for Business

The simultaneous rise of social media and open source Maker culture is an unprecedented opportunity for businesses, brands and agencies. However, most of the magic is still found in the basement or the backyard. Figuring out how to capitalize on a culture that prides itself on independence can be a real challenge for brands. This talk explores the product and marketing opportunities being brewed in hackerspaces all over the world, how to bring the spirit of the backyard inventor into your business, and what role brands should play in the DIY revolution.

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  1. What is the Maker Culture and the DIY movement?
  2. How can I inspire cheap innovation internally?
  3. How do I approach Makers and hackerspaces for collaboration or ideas?
  4. What types of benefits would I see from working with, hiring, or developing Makers?
  5. How should my brand or my client embrace the DIY spirit?



Jameson Young, Strategist, Create Digital

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