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Praise and A’s: Maximizing a Millennial Workforce

By 2014, Millennials (born between 1980-1995) will make up 36% of the workforce. This new group of workers, raised with technology and praise, brings a new set of expectations and demands. They were parented by overachieving Baby Boomers and GenXers who had their children running the rat-race in kindergarten. Primed at an early age to always think about their college application, these kids grew up in an era of grade inflation, extensive participation in extracurricular activities, and minimal free-range play. They rarely held paying jobs as teenagers, were constantly praised and given awards, and always included in decision making discussions with adults. This unique combination has created a workforce in need of a new type of supervisor. Learn core elements needed to attract, focus, and keep the most talented employees. Discover what makes this generation unique and what you can do to get the most out of their tenure in your organization.

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  1. What do millennial workers expect from their supervisor and employer?
  2. How does the interview and evaluation process differ with these workers?
  3. What can you do in your work place and with your policies to improve productivity?
  4. What is different about the millennial generation from Gen-Xers and Boomers?
  5. What impact does their comfort with technology have on the workplace?



Jennifer Selke, faculty/director, UC Berkeley

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