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Who Run The (Internet) World: Women

Think pink is the way to market to girls? Think again. Women and the teen girls they were know the power of their affections when it comes to entertainment, the internet, and the attention economy -- and yet they're primarily focused on making new friends and telling each other stories. Creating space for girls and women to support each other is more difficult than telling women how to aspire to be perfect but in the digital and social world the status quo isn't flying -- and shouldn't. Marketing to women isn't just marketing to girls or mothers, so why do so many campaigns pigeonhole women into those two categories? How do you talk to an audience that primarily wants to talk to each other? Why is the greater Internet dismissive of the power of girls and women?

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  1. How do you talk to an audience interested in your brand or media output that primarily wants to talk to each other?
  2. Is it possible to embrace super fans and not cause fan culture in-fighting?
  3. Why does fan culture form around one type of platform versus another?
  4. How do gender expectations change marketing and reporting to teen demographics?
  5. When do fans expect privacy and when do they expect you to be paying attention to their conversations?



Rae Votta, Social Media Manager, VH1

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