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Stop Staring at My Tumor, My Boobs Are Down Here

The single life is crazy enough on it’s own, but what happens when you add something like cancer to the mix? Dating coach and single girl Charlie Nox is about to find out.

On May 25, 2012, Charlie was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma. She's always said that anyone can be successful dating, no matter what their circumstances. Now she gets a chance to put her money where her mouth is and attempt what most of us could never imagine - dating with cancer.

Join Charlie for a behind-the-scenes, uncensored look at her crazy adventures dating as an “out” cancer patient. She will share all her successes, failures, embarrassing moments, scary challenges, and awesome wins. She will also share the insights, stories, and victories of her clients who are dating with cancer and other chronic health issues.

Learn how vulnerability is your greatest strength and how YOUR “undateable” qualities (hint – we all have something!) are actually your access to finding what you really want.

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  1. When, where, and how do you tell potential dates you have a chronic illness? Are dating sites the right venue for disclosure?
  2. How do you have sex safe enough for a compromised immune system? Do casual sex, polyamory, kink, and fetish have a place in the lives of people with cancer and chronic illnesses?
  3. How do you attract people without scaring them off? How do you separate those scared of the ominous nature of cancer with those generally scared of commitment, and how do you tell the difference between nice guys and those with a savior complex?
  4. Where's the line between privacy and authenticity when medical records, technology, and sex overlap? Can you be yourself online without admitting too much?
  5. Is it possible to be sexy and have cancer? If so, what does that mean for everyone without cancer who thinks they have something that makes them "un-date-able"?



Charlie Nox, Dating Coach,

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